Unicorn Obsessed? You’ll Love These 10 Magical Products

    Who doesn’t love unicorns? They’re magical, adorable and their tails are rainbow coloured. So what if they’re mythical, you can still get these very real unicorn items that are too cute to handle. From a unicorn mug to a necklace to a onesie, this list is an overload of aww. Let's get to it!

    Bigsmall: Unicorn Rainbow Keychain

    Unicorn Rainbow Keychain

    Here’s a way to never, ever lose your keys - by attaching them to this keychain that you won’t stop looking at. You can get this unicorn in 4 colours with a rainbow and seashell and, obviously, some unicorn glitter. We particularly like the white one which makes the other colours look even brighter.

    Price: INR 250 

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    Zi By Zeanne: Beaded Multicolour Unicorn Necklace

    Beaded Multicolour Unicorn Necklace

    Beaded Multicolour Unicorn Necklace

    ₹ 950

    For that super basic outfit that's your white t-shirt and jeans that just needs a little something, this necklace is perfect to add some magic to your OOTD. The pastel shades make it pretty wearable, too, even with denim dungarees or a nice flowy summer dress.

    Price: INR 950

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    Propshop24: 3D Unicorn Mug

    3D Unicorn Mug

    Just look at this mug and tell us you don’t think every coffee, hot chocolate or chai would taste 10x better out of this? It’s so cute we might even start drinking wine out of it on Saturday night (sorry, not sorry.)

    Price: INR 580

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    Laviche Bath Essentials: Unicorn Soap

    We’re big on self-care here and nothing says self-care Sunday better than an all-natural soap with a unicorn on top. This soap smells fruity and fresh and is super moisturising. The only downside is that you’ll try to avoid using the unicorn so it doesn’t melt away which we think is totally understandable.

    Price: INR 180

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    Mango People Shop: Unicorn Onesie

    Unicorn Onesie

    For extreme unicorn lovers only, this unicorn onesie is SO extra but we have a feeling you’ll only dream happy thoughts when you sleep with this on. Plus, this could so easily double as a Halloween costume so it’s basically an investment at this point. 

    Price: INR 1,850

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    The Aww Store: Women Unicorn Plush Slides

    Unicorn Plush Slides - Freesize

    Unicorn Plush Slides - Freesize

    ₹ 1299

    Catch us walking around our house all day long in these plush slides that we imagine is what it feels like if we were to walk on clouds. These’ll fit you whether you’re a UK size 4 or 10 and makes for a pretty failsafe gift, too!

    Price: INR 1,299

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    Peppy Basket: Unicorn Notebook & Gel Pen Gift Set

    Unicorn Notebook & Gel Pen Gift Set

    If you love to write things down as much as you love unicorns, this pen and notebook is perfect for you. We especially love the (faux) fur cloud on the notebook that we keep touching. 

    Price: INR 399

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    Myxtur: My Little Unicorns Hard Case Phone Cover

    My Little Unicorns Hard Case Phone Cover

    We're pretty much on our phone all day so if we want to make our unicorn obsession super evident, a phone case is the quickest way to do that. Plus, it makes mirror selfies look so much cuter. 

    Price: INR 289

    Toniq Accessories: Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

    Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

    No unicorns were harmed in the making of these brushes. The unicorn horn handles and glowing white synthetic hair makes us want to put on makeup every single day. This set has 5 brushes, a contour brush, foundation brush, liner brush, powder brush and eyeshadow brush. 

    Price: INR 2,799

    IMI Studios: Dabbing Unicorn Notebook

    Dabbing Unicorn Notebook

    Dabbing Unicorn Notebook

    ₹ 150

    Nothing could fit the Gen Z aesthetic better than a unicorn that's dabbing. This (lined) notebook is perfect for scribbling quick notes during all those online classes and meetings. 

    Price: INR 150


    If you made it through the list, we're sorry for the effect we've had on your wallets but these'll also make for super adorable gifts for anyone in your life who loves unicorns and rainbows and sparkles so we say, order 2 of each (sorry.)