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What Makes It Awesome

If life of late has started to seem like it’s all going downhill, now is the time to pull the brakes! BetterLyf is here to help you reinvent your life and build better and stronger relationships. It’s time to put that pesky boss, those screeching deadlines, those perennially dissatisfied in-laws behind, to incarnate a new you for your new life.

BetterLyf is an emotional wellness platform where you can talk to professional counselors & therapists who can help you manage stress and anxiety by building resilience to help you realize your true potential. The counselors are trained therapists with a Masters in Psychology.. Through sessions that are intended to heal and empower, Better Lyf ensures complete anonymity & confidentiality so you can open your heart up. You can avail sessions over call, chat & video from any part of the world, any time up till midnight. 

Move past heartbreaks - When relationships don’t work out and you trying to figure out why, counselors at BetterLYF help you gain closure and restore lost self-compassion. They enable you to become a better partner and bring back the trust in yourself for healthier relationships.

Build Marriage and Re-ignite the spark - Relationships need constant efforts to sail through tough times. Sometimes, we get pushed by the challenges of life by losing trust in our partners or ourselves. Counselors help in building skills to constantly reconnect with your partners and also with yourself.

Enhance confidence - Don’t let self-doubt dwindle your professional or personal aspirations. Therapists also help you figure out WHERE do the insecurities come from? So you have learned to fight the root cause and deal with them on your own in the future!

Excel at work - Existential crisis at work? Unable to manage office politics? Therapy helps you find the right questions and the right answers to discover your potential. 

Deal with past abuse, become resilient and more - Release your past burden through evidence-based therapeutic techniques. 

So basically, we are saying that therapy helps you become better at self-management, helps you deal with anything that causes stress and anxiety.

A lot of times it’s okay to get bogged down by past traumas failed relationships & missed opportunities. The only support we need in such times is for someone to actively listen to us and help us get through it, along with reassurance and instilling confidence that ‘all will be well’.


In case you’re in Delhi, you can schedule a face to face session with them too! Apart from one on one sessions, they also have a set of self-help tools that can help you heal at your own pace, at your convenience. In case you’re more of a book-lover, we suggest reading up on their latest book ‘Broken’. The book recounts several inspiring stories and insights on breakups & how counselors at Better Lyf helped them heal & empower so we say do check it out.