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Grow Up: Get Your Next Car at Big Boy Toyz

Aditya posted on 12th February

Ten Second Takeaway

Big Boy Toyz offers a wide selection of pre-owned luxury cars, which are so well-maintained you would be forgiven for thinking they are brand new. We're too broke to buy any of them, but we had to check out these toys that are loved by Dilli's big boys.

It's all in the name

If you’ve ever paid attention while driving down MG Road, chances are you’ve seen the big, bright white signage of Big Boy Toyz. With a cluster of covered cars out front, and brightly coloured luxury sports cars visible through the huge glass panels, it is hard to miss.

The colourful display of shiny cars is reminiscent of a children’s candy shop, except this time the kids are rich Delhiites and the candy isn’t cheap. With a ragged beard, haphazard hair and loose baggy jeans, we aren't exactly the target audience of Big Boy Toyz {guess we aren't big enough}.

bbt1After spending ten minutes arguing with the bouncer-like guard at the door {who just didn't understand why we were there} we were finally let in. A bright, sterile environment, with cars sitting bumper to bumper, the interiors made us feel extremely out of place.

We got the vibe this was the store for the money conscious rich elite of the city {oxymoron much?}. Once the salesmen realised we were here to write, and not buy, they switched off almost immediately.

Get your latest toy here

If you’re into exotic cars, have the money {and don't dress like a hobo}, then Big Boy Toyz is the place for you. Imagine buying a stunning {used} 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo or a gorgeous used 2009 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe that looks brand new? We wish we were so lucky.

Where: 145, MG Road

Nearest Metro Station: Sultanpur

Timings: 9am – 9pm

Price: Varies from car to car. You can browse their cars here.

Contact: 011 32222222, +91 9999999983

Find out more here. Follow them on Facebook here.