Bikanervala Brings Bhel To Golf Course Road in Gurgaon

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Forget the authentic German beer, Korean Kimchi and wonderful wasabi served at our favourtie Japanese joint. Leave aside the cuisine of Canton and the lovely Lebanese shawarmas on call. Of all the greatness to be found on Golf Course Road, what do we have if we don’t have bhel puri?

We’re thrilled to say that Golf Course Road’s proudest new debut comes with the launch of Bikanervala in Sector 54.

We were pretty impressed with the floor space and fairly fancy interiors {as compared with our highway drive experiences}.

While chaat was very much on our minds, only a small portion of the menu was dedicated to it. The dahi dishes aren’t much to go by, but the golgappas were up to good old standards.

At tables all around us, we saw different dishes making diners happy. Rava masala dosa, chhole bhathure, thaalis, platters, cutlets, grilled sandwiches, tandoor dishes and suprisingly a sizzler too. There is a pizza and pasta section as well that we didn’t venture near; we skipped stright to the section serving snacks, the mother-of-all-creations: veg. patties and pakodas.

An entire aisle is dedicated to Indian sweets and seems to have taken a page out of more delicate dessert making – barfi shaped like apples took the cake. The more sedate laddoos and pedhas are there for the taking too.

We’ll ponder our next order while we get another Mosambi juice.