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Bike-Cabs for Women and by Women, Taking Gurgaon by Storm

    With women auto-drivers making headlines in Mumbai, it was only a matter of time before Gurgaon came up with its own bal…ahem…myth-busting phenomenon.

    So here is G-town trying to make a difference with Bikxie Pink. One of the many bike-taxis operating in the region and helping out with connectivity issues, it has an added feather in its cap. While Bikxie Blue is an entirely male service, catering to men as well women, Bikxie Pink now does the same for women.

    IndiaTimes reports, ‘The whole concept is the brainchild of Divya Kalia and her husband Mohit Sharma. The Bikxie Blue service is only for male commuters and if you are a woman you will be able to locate pink scooty cabs from the app.’

    The service charges are INR 10 for the first couple of kilometres and 5 bucks more every km thereafter. With an SOS button to ensure safety and running between 8am – 6pm, we think it’s an economical and wonderful way of ensuring safety and transportation. These services are soon going to launch in Delhi and Bengaluru too!

    Check out their Facebook page here. 

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