Ten-Second Takeaway

Bings Cafe serves up 12 different types of Bingsu {a popular Korean dessert} and a small selection of Kimbab and Ramyun at Select Citywalk, Saket.

Chow Down

Gosomi Bings

Bing-sue Me

But I had never actually had a bowl of this shaved ice dessert.

Bings Cafe is located on the second floor of Select Citywalk {close to PVR} and they serve up some interesting variations of Bingsu. However, I steered clear of the less-conventional options {like the Cheese Bings} and asked for their traditional Gosomi Bings, instead.

Serving sizes are restricted to medium or large; two people can barely finish the smaller of the two options.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Photo: Maanya Sachdeva/LBB

Photo: Maanya Sachdeva/LBB

A bowlful of ice, Bingsu is a great dessert for the calorie-conscious. The Gosomi Bings is essentially characterised by their liberal use of Gosomi {a sweet-ish, brown powder that is sprinkled all over}, with shaved almonds, rice cakes and condensed milk.

It’s an acquired taste, but by the end of my bowl of Bings, I realised I was quite fond of the flavour. It’s super light, not too sweet and actually makes a great palate cleanser.

If you’re reluctant about deep diving into an icy serving of Bingsu, maybe start small. Try their Strawberry Bings or the Choco Oreo version.

So We’re Thinking…

Bings makes for a refreshing pit-stop, especially after hours of shopping. Koreans do low-cal dessert surprisingly well {they even have a Green Tea Bings!} so you don’t have to feel too guilty for satisfying your aching sweet tooth.

Featured photo source: Tmannya via Wikimedia Commons[CC BY-SA 3.0]