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Biryani And Qorma, For Your Next TV Dinner

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Gurgaon, you guys have yet another option for when you want to order in and laze around in front of your TV screen. Biryani And Qorma {as the name suggests} does a range of biryanis, meat curries and Indian breads and delivers it all across G-town.

Paneer Qorma?

We’ve had chicken korma and mutton korma, but the paneer korma only happened to us recently and we’re glad it did. The creamy spicy gravy with chunks of super soft paneer thrown in has to be on your order list, regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Other highlights on the menu include biryani {of course} which comes in chicken, mutton and vegetarian options. The biryani is well-balanced and contains a fair amount of meat {we’re talking about the mutton} and surprisingly our only concern was that it wasn’t spicy enough.

If you’re ordering korma or any gravies, please do yourself a favour and pair it with the khameeri roti.

To end it all with, the phirni, served in an earthen plate is a great pick.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re staying in after a long day of work and need some comfort food to dig into, Biryani and Qorma may be worth a try.