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Blackened Vanilla & Mango Butter: Nykaa's New Line Of Luxury Soaps Is Good Enough To Eat!

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    Beauty bosses Nykaa have just launched Soap Story, a line of luxury soaps in a series of delicious scent combinations that’ll leave you smelling like a smoothie.

    Vanilla Sky & Mango Stars

    Breaking into the soap category in the most aromatic way possible, Nykaa’s Soap Story, fresh off the press, is the kind of luxury soap worth springing for. Neatly encased in a tiny, jute bag {packaging is everything}, these babies come in eight different ingredient pairings, each equally delicious-sounding in their own right. There’s Rose and Almond, Tea Tree and Aloe, Brown Sugar and Almond Oil, Charcoal and Green Tea, Argan Oil and Mango Butter, Coffee and Cocoa Butter, Sandalwood and Blackened Vanilla, and Lavender and Chamomile.

    Having tried the range myself, I can authentically nod in agreement at the use of the phrase ‘luxury’, often thrown around in the current milieu. The soaps foam up beautifully, and legitimately leave your skin feeling smoother, and as though your dead cells have been successfully sloughed off {not an effect you can often achieve without resulting dryness from your ordinary, drugstore bathtime counterparts}.

    If I were to pick a star, it’d be the Argan Oil and Mango Butter pairing. With a richness that doesn’t spill into heaviness, and a fragrance that is deceptively edible-smelling, you will actually come out of the shower smelling like an artisanal smoothie {or something equally tropical and divine}. What adds to the portfolio of these hand-churned soaps is that they’re paraben-free {as well as being about as all-natural as they come} and crafted utterly sans harmful sulphates, and mineral oils.

    So, We're Saying..

    That these soaps are definitely worth a try. Also, at INR 350 a pop, they aren’t as far-out as luxury soaps can be. Plus, they come to your doorstep, and that’s always a plus.

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