From Russia With Love: This New Delivery Kitchen Is Introducing Us To Authentic, Home-Styled Russian Cuisine

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    Blinnaya is a new takeaway and delivery kitchen in Malviya Nagar and is one of the handful of places doing Russian cuisine in Delhi. They’ve got some notable dishes like Oliviye, Borsh, Blini and more.

    Rare Russian

    Delhi’s food scene is nothing less than a culinary trip around the world. From Malay to Thai and Indian to Italian, the diversity and variety of food available in the capital is unparalleled. A cuisine we don’t see a lot of, though—almost non-existent, almost—is Russian {vodka doesn’t count}. Well, until now…

    Blinnaya—The Russian Kitchen is a new {and needed?} addition to the town’s grub scene and if you’ve been waiting to try some great Russian food, these guys will deliver it right to your doorstep.

    Run by an Indo-Russian couple, Blinnaya does traditional and non-traditional Russian dishes like sweet and savoury Blini, Oliviye {salad}, Borsh {soup}, Vareniki {potato dumplings} and other hard-to-pronounce but interesting dishes. They’ve also got Kefir, a pro-biotic drink you’ll need to pre-order 24 hours in advance to get your hands on {we’re super curious about this}.

    While we haven’t tried the food yet, we’re sure expanding our culinary horizon with some Krab Salad and Nutella Blini, will be real fun.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Check out Blinnaya for rare Russian food around town and get munching.

      Available Online