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Pamper Yourself With Foot Massages & Facials At The Blossom Kochhar Spa

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What Makes It Awesome

Walk inside Blossom Kochhar at HKV and you’ll be greeted by a full-fledged spa spread across three levels. There are three rooms: One for hair, one for hands and feet, and one for beauty, topped with a café on the second floor.

One of the most popular sections at this spalon is easily the foot room on the ground floor. They offer a variety of foot massages, with cute names like Stilletos and Flip Flops. They’re known for their mean reflexology skills, and be warned, this is the real deal, and it will hurt. But it will also feel incredible at the same time and really relieve your tired feet.

When it comes to the face, again, the variety is great. Having had oily skin all my life, I had trained myself to stay away from facials as they usually end up involving a mountain of creaminess. So, when I saw options like Iceberg and Citrus Chic for the oily-faced, I did end up smiling (albeit an oily smile). Don’t worry, the Blossom peeps soon took care of this.

The treatment began with a slow inhale and exhale process, where the therapist makes you take in the aroma of a citrus-y oil. It was followed by lots of massage, where the face and neck areas are given attention. A five-minute break for blackhead and whitehead removal (ouch!), and you’re left alone with your eyes closed for a while before the massaging resumes (yay!) As for after effects, my skin felt a little puffed up at the end of it, but it wore off after a while and all there was left was softness. And the lingering aroma of oranges.

You should also try their Hair Room,  It’s actually a pretty cute room overlooking the Deer Park. A section of  the wall holds jars holding bobby pins. From head massages, hair-cuts and funky styles (this is where you should head for that Elsa fish-tail braid), we opted to try the hair spa. The routine starts with a spray of lavender oil and water just to cleanse the scalp, followed by a rigorous massage with a China rose shampoo. Lots of relaxation and kneading (your back and shoulders are targeted, too) and a stunning blow dry later, you’re ready to head out into the world and…make noses turn (all the products just smell SO good).

The therapists are also kind enough to suggest Blossom Kochhar products for your skin and hair available at the shop on the ground floor during your time there.

We hear they do a pretty stellar job of waxing, as well, and offer some unique options (like honey-infused wax for those sensitive areas), so you may want to pay it a visit before a beachy trip.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Contact: 011 40817655

Price: Starting at INR 650 for a foot massage