Blue Tokai Coffee, Baking Classes & The Cheesiest Pizzas: Q Bistro In Janakpuri Is A Gem

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Q Bistro is a family-run cafe that’s garnered a lot of love simply because they put a lot of heart and soul into everything they serve. The kitchen whiz, Dhruv Relan {also a Le Cordon Bleu chef}, takes baking classes and is soon introducing an Indian-French fusion menu. And, the desserts {chocolate truffle FTW} are to die for.

Brace Yourself For Brews & Breads

We were chuffed at finding our favourite coffee folks, Blue Tokai at this quaint neighbourhood cafe. After the initial surprise, we noticed a lot of other non-coffee things. Glad to say that everything from its teal doors, the wall full of posters {lots of jazz echoes} and the pride they take in making that indulgent Belgian chocolate shake, add up.

We ordered mixed bruschetta and while it didn’t look anything like the stuff we’re used to, we didn’t mind the generous dose of stringy cheese and chopped olives. The lime shake was refreshing and the right amount of milky while Belgian chocolate, like we said, was sinful af.

Rest assured that you’ll not just be well taken care of here but the owner {papa} and chef {chef} might indulge you in a conversation if they’re not too busy baking breads. This is exactly how we figured about the baking classes that dabble in everything from basic to complicated {French pastries are included}. We hear great things about the mixed sauce pasta and tiramisu {saving these for our next visit}.

If you’re into pizzas, blindly order La Tomatina pizza. And you know what else is surprisingly good? The Turkish platter.

So, We're Saying...

The folks at Q Bistro make everything from scratch. They got no freezer so you’ll get everything fresh from the oven/stove right to your table. 

Remember to ask them what they’re baking breads and take a loaf home. If you can give them a shout a day before, they can also have a fresh batch ready. We’re thinking a baguette, a rustic rye and fluffy milk bread.