No, We're Not Bluffing: These Chips Are Vegan And And Just The Perfect Snacks


    What Makes It Awesome

    Watching a new series or movie on Netflix without snacking is criminal. No, really. And because we Netflix a LOT, this binge-snacking sesh can be a little unhealthy. Solution, you ask? Snacking clean. 

    Based out of Kolkata, Bluff makes baked, crunchy coconut chips that are vegan, gluten-free and keto-friendly. The coconuts are hand-picked from the farms in Thailand. Now, we'd love some. Available in four flavours, Pepper Power, Curious Caramel, Slightly Salted and Simply Sweet. If you're confused which one to pick then go for the Office Pack which contains two of all flavours. Or the Keto-Friendly Pack if you're particular about what goes inside your system. As for the ingredients, they are all-natural, low in cholesterol and zero additives. 

    Time to get snackin' guilt-free. Let's go. 

    Price: INR 80 for 30g


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