Self Love, FTW! You’ve Gotta Get Blur.'s Sassy & Minimalistic Lipsticks & Eyeliner

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What Makes It Awesome

I was scrolling through my Instagram and all of a sudden, all I could see on a ton of beauty bloggers’ pages were makeup products, especially lipsticks, by a fairly new brand called Blur. Curiosity piqued, I went looking for more and I loved what I found! Blur’s an online-only vegan makeup brand that’s trying to “blur” the lines between makeup and self-love through minimalistic and quirky-named beauty products. They have a very limited list of products, only one eyeliner and a few shades of lipstick and absolutely no foundation or powders; a no-concealing zone. 

Their eyeliner’s called “I Give Up On Cat Eyes” and can I get an amen? It’s a super thin brush to give you the sleekest ultra-black line but giving up on winged eyeliner isn’t necessary, the brush is so precise, with a few strokes you can manage a pretty good feline flick. The formula’s waterproof and glossy although I generally prefer matte liners. They have 3 lipstick shades; a nude, a bright red and a pretty pink. I’ll say it again, I love the names they’ve given to the products. The nude’s called “Control Your Boyfriend,” the red is named “Put Me On Your Lips Not Your Lying Ex” (life mantra) and the pink shade is “I’m Sorry, Are You Vodka?” The formula is a velvet matte so it’s moisturising and super pigmented. The nude shade was my favourite. 

Price: INR 899 for a lipstick, INR 1,299 for the eyeliner

What Could Be Better

I can’t really seem to avoid drawing the connection to Glossier from their packaging; it seems a little too inspired and similar to it for this to be a coincidence from the fonts they’ve used to the minimalist aesthetic. 


If you buy a lipstick RN, they’re giving one eyeliner as a gift with every order.