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    #GoHereShopThis: Funky, Chunky Sandals & Shoes From Blur

    Ipsita posted on 09 June

    We were innocently making our way out of the NH7 premises back in 2014, when we stumbled upon this one stall with a whole lot of interesting accessories; that stall belonged to Blur. We swivelled around the stall several times before zeroing in on a couple of rings—not because they were the only things we liked {far from it; we wanted everything there!}, but that’s as far as our pockets would let us go.

    Almost a couple years down the line, we’ve bought so much more from here—statement rings, hand accessories, sunglasses. But the one thing that we can’t get enough of from Blur—their shoes. Oh, those shoes!

    Score This: Chunky Platform Shoes

    Yes, we’re sure you’ve noticed the chunky platform making a comeback into the fashion scene. While there are many who are yet to get on the chunky shoe bandwagon, there are many who can’t quite enough of them. We are among the latter—so much so that we’re on the lookout for something even chunkier and funkier than our previous pair. And Blur’s shoe collection manages to satisfy this peculiar shoe obsession of ours pretty well.

    If your shoe stand is full of dainty, delicate slippers and sandals, these may be too strange for your taste—but if you’ve got an offbeat side to your style, these shoes will be right up your alley. We’ve seen plenty of platform sandals around, but none of them do it quite like Blur does.

    PS: They offer discounts on their site quite frequently, so if you can, wait a little while before adding to cart.

    Where: Shop online here.

    Price: Starting at INR 940

    Follow them on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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