Board Game Brunches To BYOB House Parties, Scoot Connects You With Cool Strangers


A new networking community in town, Scoot curates home meet-ups for people who dare to form connections beyond their immediate social circle. Almost every week, they invite people to open up their houses to fellow mad caps for a night of conversations. 

Take The Right Route

It all started because a few of the Scoot’s early members had had it with virtual relationships. “It’s so difficult to get the gang together sometimes. People work punishing hours and have strange schedules so it’s not always possible to chill with your usual set of weekend friends. So we thought, why can’t we just meet new people and why can’t we meet them in person in a relaxed setting?” asks Suyash who founded the community with his friend.

This need to network and form fresh connections is what eventually led to Scoot – a place where people can un-stranger themselves in informal, cosy settings like people’s houses or balconies. The many themes they’ve explored so far include pyjama movie nights, karaoke evenings, neon superhero nights, wine and salsa, BYOB networking house parties and a cocktail mixing evening is in the offing. 

Typically, how this works is Scoot invites people to sign up for these events through social media {the entry is pretty nominal and starts at INR 300 for a 7pm – 3am kinda evening}. Then starts the search for a host and people who’d like to be a part of this meet-up session. Once about 10-20 people sign up, they co-ordinate with the host for some food and booze {important things to get people in the groove, you see} that’s on the house.

Hit The Late Night Pakora Party

We’re told the good Scoot folks join forces with the host to make pakoras and co. because what’s the joy in ordering pizza, right? The house guests are also free to get their own supplies {potluck and BYOB} because sometimes these catch-up can go on for hours and hours. All this done and the house made ready, the meet-ups kick start where everyone gets to meet every other guest and the foundation is laid for potential friendships/networks. 

It’s literally as simple as that.

So, if the thought of catching up with new people and listening to their stories excites you, you know who you’re gonna call.

Find more info. on their website.


So, We're Saying...

About time we replaced Facetime and Snapchat with chatter on a couch. And, more than about time we started meeting and chilling with people who aren’t our regular weekend gang… But amazing nevertheless.

All those in favour, raise your hands and follow Scoot.