Games On Wheel: Rent Board Games To Beat Boredom


Games On Wheel



Games On Wheel stocks international titles of board games intended for grown-ups, and lets them out on rent for a period of two, four or seven days.

Game Night, Done Right

We have to admit that we haven’t been too keen on playing the usual Antakshari or Housie in our grown-up lives {or as a matter of fact, even when we were much younger!}. We had pretty much given up on all indoor games except the eternal Monopoly and Scrabble {along with a good old round of Charades}, until, of course, their more glamorous and popular counterparts from abroad showed up in our toy shops, like Taboo, Scotland Yard and Guesstures.

Game nights have since become a perfectly acceptable thing to do; there’s only one minor glitch. If you’ve played often enough, you can pretty much guess what the card or clue is about. Or how your opponent will play.

Games On Wheel Drives In

To ensure no two game nights are the same, Games On Wheel stocks a bunch of super interesting board games, all intended for grown ups, and rent them out so we get the chance to play. And pass.

Most of these international board game titles cost anywhere between INR 4,000 and INR 7,000; a steep price to pay for something you’re going to get to know too well, too soon. So let Games on Wheel save you from spending too much, with titles that are currently in stock include Pandemic, King of Tokyo, Risk and Settler of Catan.

And why does the service has ‘on wheel’ in its name? Why, of course, delivery and pick up is included in the cost of the rental.

For more information, check out their Facebook page here.

Prices: Two-day rental at approximately INR 200 to INR 350, depending on the game and your location; maximum for a seven-day rental goes up to INR 700