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Book This 110 Year Old Bnb In Dharamshala That’s Run By A Siberian Husky & An Adorable Couple!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Somedays, life hits you hard, you wanna run away from the city, you want a place where your inner demons fade, your chaos meets calm, and life slows down a little. In such a moment in my life, I found this lovely BnB right in the heart of Dharamshala! Cuckoo’s Nest as they call it is run by an adorable couple and a gorgeous Siberian Husky, Coco. The property is about 110 years old yet is extremely well maintained! The rooms are not luxurious but are well equipped with modern amenities and are extremely cozy. This isn’t the kind of property that’s going to attract you solely because of how it looks but more importantly because of the people who reside there! The couple is so friendly and has so many stories to share and jokes to crack. They immediately make you feel at home and make you a part of their own little family. The hosts are kind to pick you up from the bus stop and drop you too! When you enter the house, you will be greeted by this little husky who will charm you in so many ways and is absolutely an attention seeker, and honestly, he deserves it all. You might wanna plan an extra day in Dharamshala to just stay in and cuddle with this one. You may also wanna take a hike in the property which is surrounded by Plum, orange, mousambi trees. I even plucked a wild strawberry and a Mousambi which I delightful cherished! You could request the kind of breakfast you would like and the host would be kind enough to offer you the same! You may choose to book a room, or if you are a larger group or would like complete privacy, you can even opt for the entire bungalow. I had a 2 night stay there, and I don’t bring back many memories of the city but definitely plenty of them of this little house. Go, take the much-needed vacation already!

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