A List of Curated, Hidden and One-off Boutique Properties on Tripzuki

    Finding a nice play to stay while you’re on your vacay is one of the most important steps that go into planning a trip. Lucky for you, there’s Tripzuki. A free online booking portal, Tripzuki introduces you to the hippest boutique hotels and resorts all across India.

    It has its base in Australia, India and the UK, with a dedicated bunch of renowned travel writers in India who give you their first-hand experience at these hotels. You’re privy to credible local expertise and advice, which, let’s face it, is hard to come by these days. Every hotel on the site is handpicked, and has been researched and experienced by a member of the team. You can even get in touch with the hotel directly through Tripzuki, send them your questions and concerns, and make a super informed decision. The actual listings are all about hidden, one-off and boutique properties, all boasting tons of character; all now on this unified platform via which you can make bookings at them. Sure beats having to get in touch with each place individually, and attempting bank transfers/online payments. Best part? You can forget about little surprises that include leaky taps, grimy bathrooms and broken faucets; all properties are curated, and are tasteful little discoveries.

    So whether you’re heading to the Rajasthan, the beaches of Goa, or the high altitudes of Himachal, Tripzuki’s got suggestions for you. They promise the best rates, and a little freebie {a meal or a glass of wine} with every booking.

    So if you’re heading to any destination in India, give Tripzuki a visit, and let them hook you up!