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What Makes It Awesome?

What I really liked about Jamun ( apart from the filling Parsi food and Freddie Mercury constantly playing on the background) has to be the effort that they put in to make the restaurant as authentically Parsi as possible! From the vibrant violet walls to the low hanging copper lights and fans and the white jaali curtains, it practically screamed Parsi in every possible way!
One thing that stands out in all the dishes that they presented is how they've tried to incorporate a bit of every region! And let me tell you, they've been able to achieve it by all means!

Also, they recently hosted the Parsi  Gambhar with a killer spread of authentic Parsi cuisine specially curated by Chef Hanoze Shroff and I am all praises of what they had to serve!

Starting off, their Bharellu panner with dry fruits and green chutney is something that I found myself reaching out for a second round, even though being a staunch non-vegetarian I simply could not resist it!
A special mention to Kheema salli nu edu, this is the exact definition of how your dream dish should taste like if you are anything like me! Rightly said that the Parsi love affair with eggs is so deep-rooted that even 'just kheema' is not enough and so this dish was served with a runny egg topped with crispy potatoes and lived up to every dream dish of mine!

For the mains, I simply can't get over Dhan ki daar, which is basically toor daal that hits close to home with a strong flavour of ghee and fried garlic!

On the other things that I tried, I absolutely loved the mutton pulav with a combination of chicken curry on the side! For the first half of my meal I found myself sipping on the Raspberry Levanu which was a little generic, to be honest, and a tad bit too sweet for my liking and I slowly graduated to Majja Ni Life, which was sugarcane juice with coconut water(I know the combination is rather super bizarre!) but one cannot go wrong with this drink!

Ending the meal on a sweet note, for desserts- Ravo( to put it simply the Parsi styled kheer) left me wanting for more!

Also, a quick side note, they keep having these fantastic feasts every now and then, so be on a lookout for their next one!

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