Books, Movies & More: If You Love Solving Mysteries, You've Got To Check Out This Alternative List

Abhijeet posted on 12 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

We love the mystery genre and everything that comes with it. The proverbial biting of nails, almost falling off the edge of our seats, hooked and unable to move, for the slightest blink can spoil the fun. Well, to add to your excitement, we have curated a list of all things mysteries albeit alternative – book, movies, TV shows and more. Read on!

Death At The Durbar

When a Nautch girl is found murdered in the King’s Chambers the eve of the Delhi Durbar, then Maharaja of Delhi, Sikander Singh is given the task of finding the killer before the scandal erupts and engulfs the ceremony. In this post-Mughal era novel, set in the year 1911, author Arjun Raj Gaind concocts a murder mystery that blends perfectly with history. If you are a fan of Gillian Flynn and of stories set in the bygone era, this book is for you. Find your copy here.

The Handmaiden

There are countless good movies that come to my mind when the topic of mystery is brought up. Notable mentions like Gone Girl, Fight Club, Rear Window and mre are  in the list of usual suspects {?}. So, we thought to bring you something that may have averted your fancy, simply because it wasn’t mainstream Hollywood. Enter The Handmaiden. If one word could describe this tale of backstabbing, defrauding and vengeance, it would be ‘beautiful’. Directed by Chan Wook-Park of Oldboy fame {remember Zinda?}, with a masterful background score, incredible screenplay, and some brilliant acting, the tale of The Handmaiden will surely leave you wanting for more.


It’s the time of Netflix and binge-watching, and mystery series like True Detective, Sherlock, and Homeland have all upped the ante with their stellar cast and amazing storylines. Add to this list, the British masterstroke – Broadchurch. When a boy is murdered in a small, sleepy little seaside town, it becomes a circus-center for media. With almost everyone harboring a secret, it rests solely on two detectives to solve the crime. More notable mentions are The Killing, Top Of The Lake, and Deep Water.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

As multiplayer, cooperative games go, there’s no competition to Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, along with your partner {we recommend you play this with your significant other with only two possible outcomes – either you will fight, or you will appreciate each other more}. KTAN is a game for two players where one is reading instructions, and the other is complying to diffuse the bomb. Trust me the tension here will be palpable.

Mystery Rooms

If you are bored of watching, reading and playing, and perhaps want to actually experience some mysteries, head to the Mystery room and book a game along with your squad. A live escaping game with two to eight people, with different levels and games, this one is a boon for all the mystery lovers in town. Book your spot here.

So, this was our list for all you mystery fans. If you have got more suggestions, recommend them in the comment section below.

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