Booting Your Own Horn: #LBBPicks the Best of Football Boots

The football boots industry is massive. New studs come out at astounding speed, footballers are paid mind-boggling sums of money to model the latest range in games, and prices are through the roof.

Now, much has changed, new tech has been added, and colours have been brightened, but every footballer, amateur or professional, has a favourite pair, or range, of cleats. Here is LBB’s list of our favourite cleat ranges from over the years.

Adidas Copa Mundials

One of the most successful boots ever produced by Adidas, the Copa Mundials almost brings tears to our eyes. This gorgeous, simplistic boot is a classic. When you think of the traditional black and white stripped boot, you’re thinking of the Mundial. Comfortable, highly resistant to wear and tear, and stylish in the extreme {if you like vintage}, this boot has it all.

We’re still on the hunt for a pair.

Where: Get the latest pair here.

Price: Starting at INR 9,100 {approx.}

Nike Mercurial Vapor

A boot made for the swift, the Nike Mercurial Vapor series is very lightweight. Favouring speed over strength, the range has around 10 different boots, and a sub-range called Superfly.

Details on the Vapor X are still to be released—our favourite is the 2006 edition Vapor III—but we really like the look of the latest Superflys, whose brand ambassador is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Where: Get the latest pair here.

Price: INR 13,995 {approx.}

Adidas Predator

The Predator series by Adidas is one of our favourite lines out there. We still remember slipping into these bad boys back in the early 2000s. While the newer models tend to be a little flimsier, we remember the early pairs {with their gorgeous red and black prints} to be boss.

With the tough leather and protection, you could take a kick to the foot and carry on with ease. Our favourites were the Predator Mania {released in 2002, around the World Cup} and the Predator Pulse {circa 2004}.

Where: Get the latest pair here.

Price: Starting at INR 2,850 {approx.}

Umbro SX

The epitome of durability, the Umbro SX series is a safe bet if you’re looking for something long-term {not to mention it’s usually a little cheaper than Nike and Adidas}. Strong, heavy, and water resistant; these boots were moulded for tough tackling, hard running midfielders.

The Umbro SX Valor II is one of our top picks from this line {we have a friend who has survived just on this pair since its release in 2009}.

Where: Get the latest pair here.

Price: INR 2,850 {approx.}

Adidas F Series

The F series is another popular line from Adidas. The recent releases of the F50 boot, with one specifically made for Leo Messi, have actually moved away from the traditional firm ground F boots. We remember when the F50 came out in 2004, to compete with Nike’s Mercurial line; a nice mix of tough and quick, good to use for a variety of positions on the field.

Where: Get the latest pair here.

Price: Starting at INR 6,650 {approx.}

Puma evoPOWER

The evoPOWER range by Puma came out in 2014. There is currently only one generation of the boot, with cheaper versions of the same also available. Hyped up as a boot to improve your shooting, the evoPOWER 1 is a deliciously comfortable shoe and is comfortable from the get-go.

We’re glad to see Puma tackling the boot market once again, and with such gusto.

Where: Get the latest, cheaper, version here.

Price: INR 4,500 for cheaper version {approx.}

Nike Hypervenom

Another Nike shoe, another attacker-friendly shoe. Made with a flexible mesh, and light material, the Hypervenom boot is made for speed. Released recently, in 2013, these boots have been highly marketed, brightly done up, and are a good option if you prefer to be light on your feet than aggressive in the tackle.

Where: Get the latest pair here.

Price: INR 6,795 {approx.}

Adidas Samba

The Sambas are not really boots, but indoor football shoes, and are considered the most successful indoor shoe ever. We also think it is the most stylish. Now available in colours, the gorgeous originals were in simple black and white {with a little tan}. They are perfect for hard and icy surfaces, and have sold over 35 million pairs.

Where: Get the latest pair here.

Price: INR 6,000 {approx.}

Note: Many of these pairs are a few years old. As such finding them at outlet stores and on Indian websites may be difficult. Most pairs you find will be either rare {expensive} or second-hand {cheap}. All prices are approximations.