Ten-Second Takeaway

Now open in the relatively deserted Star Mall, Bottles And Barrels promises good beer and even better food.

Chow Down

Rajasthani Surkh Laal Murg Tikka, Dal B&B, Beer Battered Fish Fingers

Sip On

Jaggery Ale, Pilsner Craft Lager

Winning For

Being a brewery that’s also super serious about their food; line your tummies well before you chug mugs of their in-house brews. The menu was curated over a period of three months, and Bottles and Barrels is now proud to serve up some delish khaana. 

Grab A Bottle

Photo courtesy: Bottles & Barrels

Photo courtesy: Bottles & Barrels

…and unwind after a long day at work. The brewery has been open for about 6 months now, and considering it’s slightly out-of-the-way, is not always packed. Once we settled down, we spent a few boozy hours at this one. They have a terrace that overlooks Sector 30, and as the sun sets, the view from here is quite nice.

A sports bar that doubles up as a microbrewery, they also have a pool table, big barrels of beer {we suggest that you order a 3L barrel for the table and let the good times roll}, and cycles that adorn the walls.

Food You Need To Thai

Photo courtesy: Bottles & Barrels

Photo courtesy: Bottles & Barrels

The menu is a pretty big selection of food from all over the world. India is well-represented with some succulent kebabs and the Dal B&B, which is a wonderful variant of dal makhani. Also on the menu: pastas, salads and Indo-chinese bar staples {like Spicy Honey Chili Potato and Chili Prawns}.

You’d think that by trying to offer one too many cuisines, the overall quality of the food would suffer; that’s not true for Bottles and Barrels at all. We tried the Green Thai Curry that was spicy and spot on, and the Chicken Tikka Pizza was quickly devoured, too. We also kept going back for big bites of naan dipped in their signature dal.

Let’s Talk About Beer, Baby

We sampled the four in-house brews and couldn’t stop sipping on the Jaggery Ale {a strong, dark beer} and their lager. The Jaggery Ale was a perfect accompaniment to the spicy Surkh Laal Murg Tikkas. Needless to say, a barrel of lager and many plates of food later, we were quite happy.

They organise lots of live gigs and beer pong tournaments, and we hear that a gaming battle is also in the works. Follow them on Facebook here for updates about upcoming events.

#LBBTip: Before you leave, remember to stop by their little rack of bottles with messages tied around the necks; a memory made right there. Look for our bottle when you go to the brewery; it reads, ‘Life’s too short to drink bad beer’. Amen.

Featured photo source: Bottles & Barrels