This Retreat Beckons With A Meditation Cave, Peacocks & Farm-Fresh Food


Jaded city-dwellers, designer Anupamaa Dayal’s boutique retreat is only one hour away from Delhi but still makes for a peaceful getaway.

Take Shade Under The Dhau Tree

Anupamaa Mangar is named after, and nestled in, Mangar Bani, one of the last sacred groves in India. The trees in the grove are protected by Baba Gudariya’s legend. Apparently, he entered a cave in this grove to meditate and received enlightenment – since then the flora and fauna inside Mangar Bani has been fiercely protected. The result? Species of trees that are extinct elsewhere, like the Dhau tree, are thriving in this grove.

Leopards, bear, deer and 90 species of butterfly reside in Mangar Bani that is, surprisingly, only a one hour drive from South Delhi.

A Gorgeous Artist Residency

Taking cue from the designer’s artistic and creative sensibilities, Anupamaa Mangar is done up tastefully. Hand-painted walls {adorned with the Dhau tree},sky-lit washrooms with stunning vistas of the Aravali Hills, five beautiful rooms {each named after one of Anupamaa’s collections, like Gulabi, Ishq-e-Dilli and the Naga-inspired Fight and Feast} and quirky home decor elements make the retreat individualistic, serene and Instagram-approved.

However, cut off from technology while you’re at Anupamaa Mangar – there are no TVs on the property and, instead, early morning forest walks, meditation sessions, yoga classes on the terrace or curling up with a book are recommended.

Food From The Farm

A ‘spice collector’, Anupamaa enjoys food with strong Indian flavours. The food at this retreat is all made with local produce by the family cook – expect organic, nutritious meals. High tea is served and dinner is served by late evening, so guests can retreat to their bedrooms and catch up on sleep {our number one priority on vacations}.

So, We're Saying...

A weekend at Anupamaa Mangar is enough to hit reset on your body clocks, catch up on your reading and rejuvenate before the work week starts again. The resort is pet-friendly, which bumps up its cool points. One night at this unique artist residency will set you back by INR 7.800 {including all meals and a guided walk in the Mangar Banni}.