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Try Out BoxFit's Online Classes To Get Your Kicks And Punches In Order

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What Makes It Awesome

BoxFit nudges you to go a little beyond your regular fitness routine and builds on your strengths by inculcating fun workouts taken from boxing and kick-boxing routines, packaged in a 60-minute workout. The workouts usually include high-intensity cardio focusing on good old simple calorie-burning. We definitely miss these workouts as we're under lockdown because of Coronavirus. So when we found out they'll now be conducting online classes, we were super excited to try them out!

As they know not all of us have gym equipment at home, all their workouts that they are posting are equipment-free and can be easily done at home with everything you've already got (that staircase workout REALLY made us sweat!) All these classes are available on their Instagram page and, yes, they're all free! Other than a nice way to stay active during quarantine, it's also a way for us to try out a new type of workout. Who knows? Maybe this could be the workout routine you're really passionate about but didn't know till you tried it at home!

Everyday, a trainer goes live on their Instagram and each day brings a new challenge; Monday could be a killer abs and boxing workout and on Thursday you can expect an insanely sweaty cardio workout. What we're trying to say is, you definitely won't get bored because you won't be doing the same workout over and over again.

You can work out with them Monday to Friday at 7 PM. Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can work out 11 AM and 7 PM.

What Could Be Better

While the live videos are saved for later (for 24 hours), we wish they had maybe 2-3 classes everyday so we could work out in the morning. 


If you REALLY love the classes, they're also starting personal training classes through Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime. Oh, also, keep a bottle of water handy, you'll need it!