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This Retro Furniture Brand Will Give Your House That Amazing Big Chill Vibe


Vanilla Bespoke Furniture is all about mint-coloured vintage furniture and we’re loving how fresh their cupboards, shelves, beds, drawers and wardrobes look. Everything’s made by artisans in Jodhpur and from sturdy mango wood. The best part? They deliver all over the world.

Think Long Term

We know how much you much you’ve always wanted your room to look like The Big Chill Cafe. Step 1 towards making it happen? Lay your hands on Vanilla’s groovy furniture. Their products are unconventional, solid and wear those typical English posters that remind us of the Sound Of Music era.

Vipula and Manish, the two-people army behind this venture have grown the brand based purely on word of mouth. We were lucky enough to find them on Facebook on a leisurely Sunday afternoon and needless to say, we’re blown by everything we see.

So, check them out and give them a shout… They’re happy to send you images of what they have {and what they can do} and we bet you’ll find something fitting for your home; maybe a lone shoe rack or a full-blown study table.

Quote Of Charms

This Noida-based designer and manufacturer duo just shipped off an assignment to Amsterdam and we’re told they worked on everything white and Mediterranean. We can only imagine how beautiful this would have looked?!

The beds, wardrobes, console tables, chest of drawers, chairs , wall units, TV/study/bar units start at INR 7,000. The shipping and taxes will be based on where you’re taking the delivery and your specific order.

P.S. If you need a name etched on the closet or a specific quote that resonates with you {or even a Breakfast In Tiffany poster}, they can make small customisations. Our heart’s full of joy and brain’s bursting with ideas of what we’re getting.


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Vanilla Bespoke Furniture