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Pick Jaipur Namkeen Bhandar For Killer Bread Pakoras


    When visiting Daryaganj, Jaipur Namkeen Bhandar is one place you should not miss. Known commonly as the Delhi Gate ki famous kachori, this place is bound to blow your mind.

    Chow Down

    Bread Pakora, Kachori

    Winning For

    Quick service and street food that clearly stands above the rest.

    Quick Takeaway

    This place has no seating arrangements and mostly just caters to people who want to grab a quick bite or want their favourite pakoras packed.

    Despite the lack of seating, you can always spot office peeps gorging on delicious bread pakora during lunch breaks {breakfast time is pretty busy here, too}.

    What Makes These Pakoras So Special?

    Well, they serve their pakoras fresh and right off the kadhai, and the aloo ki subzi that they serve with it definitely adds to the appeal. Kachori is also a popular pick, and is one of the many reasons everyone in the vicinity knows this spot.

    They also serve amazing samosas, gulab jamun and more, but we would always choose the bread pakora over anything else.

    Calorie counters should stay away from this spot as it is high on oil and spices, but maybe you should bookmark this for those cheat days *wink wink*.

    So, We’re Thinking…

    Prepare to have your mind blown when you take your first bite. We don’t know a single person who has ever been here and not come back for more.