Love At First Book: Delhi BYOB Is Doing Book Clubs Right

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What Makes It Awesome

Bring, talk about, and swap books at Delhi Bring Your Own Book (BYOB). Also eat, drink and make some like-minded friends.

The one thing that makes Delhi BYOB so different is, instead of one book being read and discussed, each member talks about a book of their choice. How, you ask? Well, each member brings one book and reviews it. After the reviews are over, other members can ask questions and borrow the book.

The best part is that none of the books are ever lost, and penalties are paid if there is any damage. All transactions are noted in the club register and then comes the even funner part: Food and drinks.

The club has a surplus library and you can swap books from there if you have finished yours.

The Covid-19 lockdown has not stopped these guys from holding their meet ups. They're holding BYOB Mini E-Meets! Get on Zoom calls with a bunch of great minds and discuss your favourite books while staying safe at home. How cool is that?


Keep a tab on their social media handles for new E-Meet updates and become a part of some great book readings. 

The one essential requirement for attending is that you must get a book (but they do accept bribes in the form of cake, pizza or chocolate from time to time). Most meetings are free of cost, but sometimes you might be asked to pitch in for the food (alas, there are no free lunches).

Get your friends too but don’t forget to get a book, each.

Contact: Write to, or keep up with the schedule on their website.