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Think Books Are Better Than Movies? This Book Club Is For You

The information in this post might be outdated

What Makes It Awesome

If you’re big-time lit nerds like us and love meeting like-minded individuals and having detailed discussions about books over some coffee and cake, we've found the place for you.

Say good-bye to boring book clubs that only include classics in their reading list. 'Bring Your Own Book' is a community that strongly upholds the gospel truth that books are better than movies and believes in caring about borrowed books with all your heart. It's a volunteer-led group and they host meet-ups every month.

Now, most of these meet-ups aren’t constricted to a theme per se, and you can take along any book you really want to recommend to the group. But sometimes, these meets carry a particular theme which you will have to abide by. 

They also maintain a proper register of all books lent and borrowed, so that three months later you’re not left wondering where your book vanished. If you don’t have a book that you want to recommend at the moment, but still want to come back with one, that’s okay too; You can just make up for it by bringing food (more points if it’s cake) for the group. The venues for the meets are rotational and you can keep a track on their website. For any questions that you may have about the functioning of the book club and their rules of borrowing and lending, check out the FAQs section on their website.

What Could Be Better

Since book lending is no joke, they have a complex set of rules to ensure nothing gets lost or damaged. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t bother much with book care (or think dog-earring is better than bookmarks), this might not be the crowd for you.