Vacay With An Artist In The Hills At Brooks Arthaus, Bhimtal


    Brooks Arthaus is a small gated community of artists in Bhimtal. The villas here are available on rent. Not only can you abscond to the hills for the weekend, you can learn more about art and even create your own.

    About The Place

    It is a beautifully done-up property with some 11 villas, an infinity pool, a cafe, a dining hall and a gallery where works by prominent artists will be on display.

    There are two types of villas: Two bedrooms, and three bedrooms—and what we loved was the plethora of doors. You can enter from the bedroom and exit from the drawing room or the kitchen. We checked out quite a few villas here and were fascinated to see that each offered a stunning view of the rolling mountains – not one balcony is blocked by anything in between. No wonder so many artists have sought this space out to paint in peace.

    You can choose which villa {they belong to artists such as KS Radhakrishnan, Jagannath Panda and Rajeev Lochan} and have a weekend full of knowledge sharing, talks and experience your chosen artist’s works. If you’re lucky, you may just be gifted an art piece!

    Things To Do

    Honestly, Brooks Arthaus is the kind of place you should come to, to get away from the city and just unwind. If you’re a writer or a painter, the views and the quiet {and the occasional baby goat passing by your bedroom} are bound to get you your mojo back.

    Make sure you order your meals in advance {costs are additional} – the kitchen staff can whip up a mean Chinese sizzler and some great chicken curry. We also love that they serve their boiled eggs with green chillies. There’s plenty of trekking options around the property {make sure you carry comfy shoes!} and if you still get bored, check out our list of things to do in Bhimtal, here.

    Villas start at INR 10,000 per person {INR 15,000 if an artist is accompanying you}.