Bucko's Decor Will Make Kids Happy To Be Sent To Their Rooms

    Sector 50, Gurgaon

    What Makes It Awesome

    To begin with, ‘Bucko’ means friend in Pirate speak (yep, we already like this brand!)

    This sweet little store in Nirvana Courtyard, Gurgaon, started on the premise that a bed and desk do not maketh a room that children like to go to sleep and wake up in. Now, give them some tin buckets, water cans and letterboxes to paint on, and it’s a whole other story.

    Bucko does children’s room décor and accessories in the cutest way we’ve seen. With most surfaces meant to draw and paint on, there’s no putting that crayon down.

    They have a new D.I.Y. Arts and Crafts' Line and they provide kits for kids as well as parents which bring out the creative side of both while giving them some great decor pieces to put up in their rooms (like wall art, buntings, name plates, dream catchers, frames etc). Also, the art and crafts table inside their store is from their DIY line wherein a child can walk in and choose the kit he/she likes best and the Bucko folks help kids with technique while they get to be their creative best. 

    Bucko allow kids to have a say in the creative process of art and decor that go into making their room beautiful and meaningful. Their products also work as great gifts (personalise all you want!). These kits can be used as stencils for various other projects and can be repainted as many times as possible.

    You'll also find a decent range of apparel at the store for kids. 

    What Could Be Better

    I think it would've been great if the store had a wider range of apparel and accessories for children.

      Sector 50, Gurgaon