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    Gang of Girls, or Solo, Join the Backpacker Co on one of their curated, budget trips!

    Rashi posted on 08 June

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    May we just start with what it is the Backpacker Co is. Don’t think pre packaged holidays, or FAM trips, jam packed itineraries, and colour coded group sight seeing {now you know what all those groups with matching hats were doing}. Think a group of people, your co-travellers, all within your age bracket, on a curated holiday though a predetermined destination, getting your hands dirty together.

    With a shared wanderlust, and many travels under their belt, Yogi and Suchna co-founded the Backpack Co, almost 11 years ago, creating trips and packages, all with the idea of exploring local favourites, hidden gems, and discovering a city well… differently. TBC attracts an age group between 20 and 35, focuses on hostel style accommodation, and a lot of pubs. So they’ll set it up for you, give you leads, and you’re at liberty to either follow them or break away and do your own thing. Be it a solo traveller, a gang of gals, or just you and your boo, you can either pick off one of their existing trips, or request they customize a holiday. Budgets range from backpacking up, but since their target is a younger audience, expect to stay within budget. Their options include backpacking across Europe {have your pick from permutations and combinations of Spain, Brussels, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Berlin, Vienna and Croatia}, Japan, and customized options, depending on your wants. Costs include accommodation, guided tours, and depending on the package, inter city tours. Air fare to and fro is outside of this cost. Before departure, they arrange meet-ups, so you can meet your fellow travellers, but they are Mumbai based, so check ahead if Delhi has a similar event.

    Just to give you an idea, we’re going to sell a trip we would pick, and since it involves a lot of beer, our guess is it transcends any age, sex and budget barriers. Their next trip will take you straight to Germany, in the ripe ol season of Oktoberfest; one of their most popular trips. Four days long, the package involves a table booking, a litre of Bavarian beer with a snack, accommodation, and intercity travels. You’re free to extend travels if you want to take off on your own after/before. Okay, who’s joining us?

    When: 29th September – 2nd October

    Where: You will have to get in touch with them, here. Alternatively, email them at

    Find out more, and explore the rest of their trips, here. 

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