The Bungalow On The Beach: A 17th Century House In Tranquebar


Tranquility reigns supreme at The Bungalow On The Beach, a beachside property in Tranquebar that was once the home of high-ranking Danish admirals and {after they left} the Collector of the British East India Company.

What Makes It Awesome

The Bungalow On The Beach stands gracefully by the frothy, blue waters of the sea. Its white-washed exteriors are topped by a slanting, red tile roof. Its long verandahs, that run around the building, and its many columns remind you of its colonial past.

Built by the Danes in the 17th century, and taken over by the Neemrana Group later on, this hotel, though renovated, maintains the antiquity. Rooms are complete with old-world four-poster beds, antique rocking chairs, chests and dressers.  You can sit for long hours in the verandah and gape at the sea in the front. When you are done with that, you can stare at the 15th century Danish fort that’s on one side of the hotel.

On the other side, there’s a 14th century Masilamani Nathar Temple built by the Pandiyans and is one of the rare still-standing architectural landmarks in Tranquebar reminiscent of the town’s Tamil heritage.

Given the lands’ tryst with Danish culture, there’s plenty to explore on that front, too. You can take a tour of the Danish Fort (also known as Fort Dansborg) and stop by the in-house museum where Danish manuscripts, porcelain ware, sculptures, lamps, and armour from the bygone era are on display.

We also recommend that you wander by the Town Gate built in 1792, and also around Goldsmith Street where you can gawk at beautiful colonial mansions.