The Last Resort


    Bungee, Swing And Pumping-Up-The-Adrenaline At The Last Resort, Nepal

    Aakanksha posted on 23 May


    Bungee jumping, white-water rafting and chilling in a hammock with a mountains for company; this really is our first and last resort!

    Adventure Junkie

    Imagine standing off a 160m high bridge across a beautiful gorge along one of the wildest rivers in the world, and jump! If you’re into jumping off bridges {strings attached}, climbing rocks or navigating mighty rivers, this must be on your bucket list. Located about three hours from the capital city of Kathmandu in Bhote Kosi, it’s really your last resort in Nepal. No, literally, because just beyond it lies mighty China.

    Camp Out

    Perched on a mountain face with the gushing Bhote Kosi river flowing below, the resort is beautifully crafted from stone, wood and slate, giving it a very rustic look. Tented rooms {for two or even four} dot the entire space, and you can even get some exercise navigating the area, as it’s built on a terrace-format {we do love the privacy though}. Showers and washrooms are communal to add to the camping feel.

    Food is homely, be it Nepali or European {it’s a place foreign tourists flock to for all the adventure}, and the Karma Bar, open all day, turns into a lively space at night, with chattering guests and impromptu jam sessions being the order of the night.

    Just For Thrills

    Action and adventure reign supreme here. Apart from bungee and swing {the tamer version, where you jump feet first}, there’s also canyoning {follow the course of the river in the canyon sometimes swimming, sometimes walking and sometimes rock climbing}. Water babies can opt for kayaking or white-water rafting, which is intense at any given time and will leave you pretty high on adrenaline. Maybe use that high to try the bungee? If you want, they can even make a video of you taking a go at it {charges extra}, though we must warn you, it’s not always as graceful as you’re hoping it would be.

    If you’re still intimidated, maybe just wallow in the stone swimming pool, get a massage or heat things up in the sauna. But really, all of those things aren’t exactly the top of our to-do list here. Just drink a shot {or two} of tequila, or whatever you need to calm the nerves, and give these adventure sports a go; you won’t regret it.


    While these are mostly day trips, make sure you spend at least a night here to soak in the buzz around, unwind and make some friends. Because who knows, you may even want to climb the Everest by the end of it!

    Where: Araniko Highway, Tatopani, Nepal

    Price: INR 3,000 per night {inclusive of return transport to Kathmandu and four meals}

    Contact: 009 7714700525

    Find out more about them here, and follow them on Facebook here.

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      The Last Resort