Burger That: Joints That Do Burgers Famously In Noida

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When you’re down in the dumps, or just want an impromptu treat, burgers and fries are the best combo to opt for. And right now, it’s raining burger joints in Noida. Here’s a round-up of the old and the new.

Bistro 37

Tucked inside the Godavari complex, Bistro 37 {which also has a patio now}, has been churning out delicious burgers for quite some time now! Their Chicken Tex-Mex Burger wins hands down. All their burgers are accompanied with fries and mayo.


The latest burger joint on the block, this cute kiosk in the centre of the Sector 18 market is hard to miss. We love the fact that they have fish burgers too. Our eyes are also on the Chicken Makhani Burger and Mutton Kebab Chilli Lava Burger. And if you need one more reason, they offer free Wi-Fi!

Carl’s Jr

With unlimited soft drinks and three different types of fries to choose from, we’re completely hooked. Among the burgers, we’re biased towards the Mango Jalapeno Pepper Chicken. While they’re definitely not on our list of top five, they do the trick if you’re looking for something filling, on the go.

PS: We’re also very, very partial towards Dunkin’ Donuts, so if you haven’t eaten their Heaven Can Wait or Hash Brown burgers, you’re missing out!