Burger Singh Presents Budget Desi Burgers

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Head to Burger Singh for Indianised burgers, fries and wings.

What’s In A Name?

When we first heard about Burger Singh, we immediately knew what it was all about. Indianised burgers, most likely packed with flavour, available at decent prices. That is, luckily, exactly what we got.

What They Have

A small, but sharp, menu is what you will find at Burger Singh. Five vegetarian burgers, four chicken burgers, three mutton burgers and one speciality burger are on the menu. Plus four types of fries, a few sides, a variety of desi sauces and a create-your-own burger option.

What We Tried

We’ve previously enjoyed the White Guy Chicken Burger and the United States of Punjab Chicken Burger. We also got a side of the Moroccan Fries and BBQ Wings.

The White Guy Burger was exactly what someone who doesn’t want something spicy or overly flavourful should get. It was a patty, pickled gherkins, caramelised onions and cheese; basically a classic American chicken burger. The United States of Punjab Burger is one of their best sellers. It is sloppy, in the most enjoyable way, and packed with flavours. The first bite leads to an explosion of tandoori flavour and you never look back.

The BBQ Wings were as you would expect, though the fries were a bit of a letdown, with little to no salt.

Delivery Drama

With multiple locations in Delhi and Gurgaon, you would think Burger Singh is easily accessible. However we found ordering online can be extremely taxing; they just don’t deliver to certain locations. We were located in Safdarjung and their outlet in SDA {just five minutes away} did not deliver to us.

Our Say

We’d send people to Burger Singh just for the novelty of it all. Don’t get us wrong, their burgers are good {and we wish we’d tried the mutton Bihari Gosht Burger}, but they aren’t going to rock your world. However the flavours are strong and a tasty burger under INR 200 is never a bad thing.