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    Burma Bridge And Flying Fox At Camp Roxx In Kangojodi Forest

    Kasturi posted on 14 July


    Camp Roxx is a premium, offbeat nature and camping retreat in the middle of a virgin pine forest, with absolutely minimal civil construction and lots of awesome adventure activities.

    Foxes And Flying Foxes

    Since Rishikesh has been done to death, we had to go find something else closer to home to migrate to every long weekend. Us Delhi folks love this eco-friendly campsite for family weekend getaways. We hear that this place is also pretty fantastic for corporate off-sites or get-togethers of any kind.

    The setting is rustic, not luxurious, but always comfortable. The reason we recommend Camp Roxx is because they have an extensive set-up of adventure activities {Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, treks and more}and fun games in-house to indulge in.

    Beauty And The Bonfire

    The nights are usually lit up with a bonfire and music that plays late into the night. We suggest you stay for more than a day, for the forest of Kangojodi can be explored on foot via short treks {with the a view of the Shivalik Range welcoming you}.

     A natural spring-water stream just a few metres down from the dining/conference hall adds to the serenity and beauty of the forest.

    The Deets

    The location of Camp Roxx makes it one of the most easily accessible weekend getaways or campsites for road trippers from Delhi as it can be clocked in about five – five and a half hours easily. The total accommodation capacity is around 120 people, so make sure you call them ahead in time.

    The idea for Camp Roxx is very simple- to cater exclusively to nature lovers looking to escape the city. They are not a seasonal campsite and are open through the year. The best time to visit is during the rains, when the hills get a lot more greener. They recommend March to mid-December to get perfect weather.

    And well, Murthal is on the way {yum, parathas on the go!}.

    #LBBTip: They don’t accomodate walk-ins, so book in advance. Also, make sure you carry comfortable clothing as well as torches, parkas, swimsuits, toiletries and sunscreen.

    Distance from Delhi: 275 kms {Five and a half hours approx.}

    Price: INR 3,000 per person per night onwards

    Check out their website here and follow their Facebook page here.

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    Camp Roxx

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    Village Gunjarput, Near Kangojod, Nahan-Shimla Highway, Distt. Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh


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