Butter Chicken Makes Everything Better & These Hot Dogs Are Proof

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon


    Stop by Hotdog Factory in Galleria Market and order yourself a Butter Chicken Hot Dog – it confirms Butter Chicken’s status as a versatile, all-rounder that can do no wrong.

    Hot Dogs For Hog Dogs

    There’s no real seating space at Hotdog Factory and, since it’s getting really hot outside, don’t perch yourself on one of the three black stools like we did – order in. It’s perfect for a takeaway meal to munch on while you window-shop.

    Order like you would at Subway – you can choose from more than 25 varieties of hot dogs {like Chilli Chicken, Egg Omelette and Chicken Seekh} and customise both the bread as well as the sauces that are generously slathered on.

    Worth It?

    We tried the Butter Chicken {obviously} and the Chicken Salami hot dogs – the results are exactly what you’d expect. The Butter Chicken hot dog was everything we wanted it to be – the bread was super soft and fluffy – but we were less than impressed with the Chicken Salami. Indian flavours seem to be Hotdog Factory’s strength so let them play to it.

    Make sure you give sauce-selection adequate thought – we chose the Peri-Peri Sauce, Gherkin Mayonnaise, Southwest and regular mayo and, while these worked well with the Butter Chicken hot dog, they did nothing for the Chicken Salami variant.

    What We Loved

    Hotdog Factory’s veggie offerings don’t seem like an after-thought. With options like Soya Chaap, Veg Seekh Kebab, Dal Makhani and Cholay Masala, Hotdog Factory wins for its inclusive menu.

    A meal for two costs about INR 350.

      DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon