Hold A Khaat Panchayaat In Your Lawn With Charpoys From This Noida Store

    What Makes It Awesome

    The search for Ali brothers in the Baans-Balli market in Noida isn’t a cakewalk, but on the bright side, these enterprising makers of charpoy, almirahs and shelves will deliver it to your house if you’re able to convince them over the phone.

    We saw this silver handwoven charpoy at a friend’s lawn lunch recently. Impressed by the comfort and the hipster-ness of it, we decided to find the makers’ whereabouts. Some prodding and one wasted trip later, we finally found this man.

    And here’s what we have to say: The market where his shop isn't a pretty sight and we’d probably not go down that (very narrow, chaotic) road again (not in a car anyway) but guess what, we’ve made Babloo promise us he’d give us discounts, and send the shiny supplies to our home.

    Babloo Ali and Hassan Ali, the smiling siblings who run this shop, are ever so helpful and hand-make these charpoys using nylon ropes in silver, yellow, blue and red. If you’re more old-school and non-experimental, they have the regular brown ones too. Want a bit of everything? They can make a fresh one in two days time.

    The prices of the small charpoy begin at INR 650.

    What Could Be Better

    Locating the store might be difficult but once you do find your way, you won't be disappointed. 

    Pro Tip

    The shop doesn’t have an address (none of them in this Baans-Balli market do) but find the big energizer building in Sector 8 and ask for Shiv Kumar Timber. Call them at the number shared for directions and other info, and ideally, take a Noida local who has some clue.