Beautify Your Balcony: Buy Pretty Decor From Our Home Decor Collection


    For some, it's a me-time spot. For some, it's a place to sip on garam chai. And for some, it's just a go-to for fresh air. Windows and balconies, when decked up, can be turned into a cutesy little paradise to find some peace, brighten up your mood, make a 'grammable spot (coz you know, natural lighting) or simply escape the house chores. 

    Here's a list of cutesy knick-knacks and decor items to make your balcony or window area a lively zone in your home. 

    For A Pinterest Dream Come True: Good Vibes Wall Hanging

    Good Vibes Only Wall Decor


    Kawaii alert! Coz, IMI Studio does it the best. One of the cutest little accessories in this list, it's sure to infuse lots of good vibes and add a pastel hue in your balcony or near your window sill. Simply put up on the wall or hang it using a coloured ribbon, string or fairy lights.   

    For Suckers Of All Things #Boho: Floral & Millennial Dreamcatchers

    Set of 5 Mini Printed Dream Catcher


    When it comes to dreamcatchers, The Tassel Life has always been on our top list. If you're looking to add a #Boho or a funky vibe, their dreamcatchers are perfect. And be prepped to be spoilt for choice. Our LBB Crew legit spend hours deciding which one to cart, and land up buying so many!  This set-of-5 printed dreamcatchers seems like a good (and aesthetic) deal. 

    Oh, and this guide to make your space a #Boho paradise might interest you! 

    For Lovers Of Vintage: A Glass Lantern

    Handmade Glass Hanging Lamp


    Bring in this handmade glass hanging lamp/lantern from Kirti Furnishings. It is super pretty, with tiny colorful glass pieces on the body. Imagine this pretty accessory hanging there in your window or balcony! You can also station it on a table, in case you'd like to. 

    For Macrame Lovers: White Macrame Mandala With Hanging Bell

    White Mandala With Hanging Bell


    This one from The Macrame Corridor could be a cute accessory to hang in one corner of the balcony, or maybe on top of the door that leads to it. The bell adds a certain charm to this product. Not to forget how meticulously done the white mandala is. Totally crushing over it! 

    For Our Thoda Superstitious Folks: Evil Eye Wall Hanging

    Traditional And Auspicious Evil Eye Macrame Wall Hanging


    Known for their chic and funky wooden decor, The Craft Panda's evil eye wall hanging is surely setting some #DecorGoals. Pair these with and fairy lights and voila! You've got the funkiest wall hanging grabbing eyeballs and making your neighbours jealous. 

    For Our Loving Plant Parents: Bohemian Plant Hanger

    Bohemian Plant Hanger


    This is the easiest way to add a classy and rustic touch to your window or your balcony garden. Gather some of your indoor plants and give them a jazzy rehaul using these cotton hanging planters from 

    Oh, and we've got tons of offbeat and wacky pot and planters too! Check them out here

    For Suckers Of Starry Nights: Outdoor Bulbs

    Outdoor Big Bulb String Light - Pack of 10 (10ft Each)


    Classic, old-school and LIT AF. One can never go wrong when it comes to fairy lights. Hang these bulbs from Glimmer Lightings across your window or deck up your upper balcony space with lines of these fairy lights. And you won't need any more decorating.  

    Looking for something classier? These lighting options are fancy (and little expensive)

    For Minimal Lovers: A Daisy Lantern

    Daisy Lantern


    Now for those who've got those black window grills, this one is the best addition to add vibrancy to that boring patch. This daisy lantern from Kohana Homes, paired with bright green indoor planters is all you need to make your window dreamy and Pinteresty.

    P.S: You also have a yellow one in the same design. 

    For Fans Of Windchimes: Kundalini Metal Windchime

    Kundalini Metal Windchime


    This upcycled plastic windchime from Forestkraft has our heart. It comes with tiny bells in the center of each big circle of the chime, and will soothe you with its sweet symphony, each time it gets breezy. 

    Flower Power: Floral Wall Hoops

    Set of 4 Multi Floral Embellished Wall Hoops

    Yep. Had to add another one from The Tassle Life. As mentioned earlier, this brand makes spoils you for choice and makes it kinda difficult to pick one. So, along with their dreamcatchers, we're also carting these chic floral wall hoops. These come in a set of four and are ideal for rehauling and dramatise any empty wall space. 

    For The Love Of Wood: 'My Happy Place' Wall Hanging

    My Happy Place Wall Hanging

    If the balcony is truly your happy space, and you're a serial hoarder of wooden beauties, then we may have the perfect wall accessory for you. This acacia wood wall hanging from Floursha does justice to your mood. Hang it in one of the walls of the balcony. It serves as a sweet reminder for you to never forget to be happy (at least while you're in your balcony, surrounded with greens)