For The Loveliest Macrame Decor, Check Out This Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    We don’t say jute, only the truth when we say that Sashaa World’s wall hangings, basket sets, rugs and mirrors have won more than our hearts. These products incorporate materials like macrame and jute in their products to make cozy and warm home spaces that provide nothing but comfort every time you’re at home. We loved how the brand seamlessly infuses ethnic designs in a modern way through these products making everything look minimal, comforting and pleasing to the eye. This is an all women’s team which generates employment for women and derives its zeal from the collective effort and bonding of everyone involved. 

    We loved the brand’s white ethnic macramé wall hanging that is made from 100% cotton and is best to fill up empty wall spaces in your home. We could recommend you to go bananas and paint parts of these to your liking for the added colourful cheer. Their black jute basket sets are also something we recommend for almost anytime use, be it to store goods or to just dunk your laundry in. Once you’re done bathing and as you exit your washroom, let your feet touch nothing but these light-brown oval jute rugs that are not fancy-shmancy but light, water-absorbing and comforting. Coming to our favourite, the circular macramé wall hanging with a mirror reflects not just how awesome you are, but also how splendidly cool your home is. The brand even has tasseled throws and cushion covers that you would not want your house to miss out on.