Mukhvas & Pudina Vati: Buy These Hard To Find Mints & Candies From Mr. Merchant

    What Makes It Awesome

    I came across Mr. Merchant’s collection of candies and mints and it took me straight back to my childhood. When Grandma used to bring packs of digestives to the table or when my brother used to travel all over the country and bring the whackiest meal digestives, mouth fresheners and pills, we used to get excited just by the colour!

    After briefly shopping and browsing online for these candies, I was surprised with Mr Merchant- they had all of the golis which were hard to find, not to mention only briefly seen in shops during my childhood. With Nimbu Vatis, Punjabi Mukhvas, Kachi Kairi bites, Anardana, Amla candies, Imli, Meetha Paan and so much more, I had stocked up my cart to its brim! 

    I was surprisingly delighted that these were not only packed with flavour but also reminiscing of my childhood, the exact taste and feeling you get when you run to have one in the middle of the day. 

    Order your Mukhvas and Paan online on the LBB Shop present on our website and app. You won't realise how much you missed it until you try it!

    Price: INR 180 onwards


    We suggest you check out their Gulkand ( INR 180) as well.