This Brand Is Bringing Us Desserts From Across The World, One Kit At A Time!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Whether you're someone who's always flipping directly to the dessert section in the menu or have got a sweet tooth but are simply to lazy to cook? Or baking just not your forte? Well, if you've nodded your head for any of the statements above, keep reading. Even if you've not got a sweet tooth, you might become one. 

    Called The Dessert Company, this e-store specialises in ready-to-make desserts and aims to bring authentic dessert tastes from multiple countries across the globe straight to your kitchen. Currently, they're offering five options - American donuts, Spanish churros, banana and walnut cake, Australians lamingtons and Thai mango sticky rice. If you're a crazy fan of donuts, they're sure to teleport you to New York. The best part? Their packages are made in small batches, which means every box is made with fresh ingredients and is preservative-free.

    Apart from donuts, we're totally drooling over their Spanish churros. Looking to elevate your summer with something refreshing? Their Thai mango sticky rice is what you need to cart. A traditional Thai dessert that is made with the goodness of coconut milk, mangoes and glutinous rice. Oh, and if you're unaware as to how to go about cooking these, worry not! They've got dedicated tutorials for how every dessert can be prepared using their DIY kits. 

    Their packages start from INR 350 and upwards.