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Bye Sugar, Hey Honey: Get Authentic Raw Honey Only From This Brand!

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What Makes It Awesome?

How many times have we heard all dieticians and nutritionists say ‘white sugar is bad for you!’. Well, only if we had a rupee for each of those times, we’d be a billionaire by now! While sugar is an important part of our lives. We use it in our chai, coffees, cold coffees. But 2020 is the year where we take our health in our hands and attempt to be the healthiest version of ourselves! One small step towards that is replacing white sugar with honey to control our sugar intake. Raw flower honey has recently become our favourite and one such brand you should check out is Pratapgarh Collective! 

Pratapgarh Collective is a home grown brand that makes Raw Flower Honey. It’s a local brand making it our preference anyday cause #GoVocalForLocal! What peaked our interest about this brand is that the flavour in the honey is not artificially added or via preservatives. It actually comes from the pollen or the nectar of the specific flower. They also maintain the health factor in the honey and retain all its properties like vitamins, enzymes, and pollen. Maintaining their motto ‘from bee to bottle’, they ensure that the honey is not over heated or over processed! 

We don’t know about you but we’re stoked to try them out! Did we mention that they come in a variety of flavours like tulsi, jamun, neem, mustard, multiflower, mango, and lychee! *drooling* 

Pro- Tip:

Say goodbye to white sugar now and hit up Pratapgarh Collective for some au naturel honey! They claim to give the purest unpasteurized form of honey literally from the farm to the table! In the meanwhile, stay home and stay safe!