A Cafe Overlooking The Yamuna Serving Affordable Cocktails? Even We Were Surprised!

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You’re probably scoffing at the river-facing bit, but don’t judge just yet. At Yamuna Cafe you’ll be treated to an ample green cover and the sight of a {as-clean-as-it-gets} river patch. As one of the few alcohol-serving places in MKT, it’s got great views, homely food and a chilled out cafe-meets-neighbourhood bar vibe. 

As Close To A River Front As Delhi Gets

Unfortunately, we found ourselves here on a relatively full stomach so naturally not a lot of food could be sampled. But from what made it to the table, gotta say, the Black Fungus Pizza and Egg Sandwich were utterly satisfying as we spent hours gazing out of the window.

Soon after the food, we found the tiny drinks section with cocktails starting at INR 155. So, from the four-five options, we settled on the Kiwi and Pineapple Margarita and Strawberry Splash Margarita. Now, the former gets an A+ hands-down while the latter perhaps made it to a B. Maybe it’s just us but we like our drinks tangy and potent and the kiwi concoction hit the perfect sweet spot. The strawberry counterpart though was a little lacking in the tartness. We also got ourselves to a daily special berry cocktail which was amazingly slushy and refreshing on a hot afternoon.

Their selection of fresh bakery stuff with tarts and cakes is what we’re attacking on our next visit. Needless to say, there’ll be cold coffee as well.

So, We're Saying...

Go here on a rainy day when you’re craving quiet and a pizza {or pasta}.

And will you try Vodka Prawn Pizza for us? Pretty Please?


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