Cafe Diva: Food & Drinks That Are Just 'Diva'ine

Cafe Diva

Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi


No school like the old-school stays true, tried and tested for Cafe Diva. Go here when in GK, and when in the mood for good coffee, salads, pizzas and conversation.

Must Eat

Cold Rice Paper Spring Rolls with Prawns, Quinoa with Oven Roasted Broccoli, Sprouts and Beetroot

Must Drink

Stella, Pino Grigio

What We Loved

The staff is quite courteous, and it’s a great place to work out of if you’re in the neighbourhood and looking for some uninterrupted Wi-Fi and good coffee. A popular haunt among many for their salads, John Dory, drinks, and impeccably warm service, Cafe Diva might have seen a few changes in the menu and the service staff in recent times, but still hits the right spots when it comes to its food.

What You Should Know

While most things about Café Diva are lovely, it’s not the most pocket-friendly option for a meal-out. Two starters, two drinks {one of which was a pricey wine} and a dessert set us back about three grand! It also packs up and gets awfully loud real quick. Which is sometimes great, because the conversations you can overhear are winning. It can, however, get a little uncomfortable if you’re looking for some privacy.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Weekdays at 7pm. Chances are, the GK ladies haven’t strutted their way in just yet. Get drinks, pizza, and at the end of it, just hope your credit card works!


The portions are generous and leave you packed, even after a salad and a starter. Make sure you indulge in the bread basket, which has a variety of good bread to choose from.

Sometimes, it’s just about getting the small things right, no?

Cafe Diva

Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi