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Puraani Jeans Aur Guitar: Cafe Pathshala Is That College Hangout We All Love

Cafe Pathshala


Hidden in a basement, Cafe Pathshala is where we assume most of Amity University chills. The colourful ambience, hookah, reasonably-priced bowl of pasta and iced teas make this a great cubby hole for budget hangouts. Even if you’ve outgrown college, go here just to feel young {we guarantee a nostalgic trip}.

Find Us Here Every Second Day...

We’ve all had that adda where we’ve smoked our first cigarette or stalked that college crush when we should actually have been doing our college assignment. The casual vibe and its neighbourhood cafe-type food is a reminder of all the lectures that were missed in favour of impromptu gossip sessions. We made our way here on a hot weekday afternoon and instantly realised how much we missed college. Everyone’s smiley, friendly and the service is decently prompt if you don’t go expecting a superhuman turnaround time. The playlist shuffles between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day {with some incomprehensible Punjabi rap every once in a while} and the canteen-theme is hard to miss. Try their super cheesy pasta and the pizza sandwich, both of which are homely and delightful. Beat the heat with lemon iced tea and vanilla shake that surprised us by being the perfect level of sweet. We’ve heard amazing things about the tandoori momo as well.

So, We're Saying...

Gather your gang and puff away at the hookah for authentic college feels. Also, they have monthly meal plans that make a lot of sense for hostellers bored of mess food and broke students residing near by.

Cafe Pathshala