This Cafe With A Starry-Ceiling Is Perfect For A Cosy Date Night In Noida

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The Saffron Boutique is whisking us away to a world that’s all love and peace. The ambience is a winner and the food comprises un-fussy, comfort food aka North Indian and Chinese. Before you start judging, this slight mismatch in how the cafe looks and what it serves is in fact a welcome change {leave the beret and those airs at home and we assure you’ll a good time}.

Delivering On Every Promise

What started as a delivery-only service with a tiny kitchen made Rakshita come face-to-face with the challenges of running a food venture quite early on. After testing the waters for almost two years, she knew it was time to take the plunge. Thankfully, unlike most ventures, the kitchen situation has remained unaltered {the chef’s been the same throughout} to ensure that their loyal fan base has no second thoughts before ordering the chicken dim sum or paneer lababdar. Great move as you’d agree. 

Drums Of Heaven? Yes

Truth be told, the cafe is a little like the lotus in a murky pond {the way to this complex is rather unappealing}. Once you’re inside though, it makes you forget everything blah. 

Super dreamy with its white walls, book shelves, quaint diffusers and stained glass lamps, it’s a complete stunner. The unpretentious menu doesn’t leave any scope for regret either.

Their signature Saffron mocktail is quite refreshing if you find yourself crumbling under the heat and try the cola float {coke with a dollop of vanilla ice cream} – a sweet reminder of your childhood. As for the food, we sampled the veg platter where everything from the Natkhat Alloo to the kebabs was unconventional and yummy {delicately spiced and perfectly charred}. Drums Of Heaven too made the meat eater happy. The meat was juicy and the right amount of spicy for anyone who likes their food hot.

So, We're Saying...

The place fills up really fast on the weekends thanks to the live music. We suggest you turn up before dinner time to reserve your spot.

P.S. The place doesn’t intend on getting a liquor license. But hey, every once in a while you want a clean, food-centred date. Or tell us we’re wrong?


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