This Cafe Has The Most Comfortable Seating And Gorgeous Ambience!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Cafe Connect is a small tiny yet gorgeous cafe located in Vasant Kunj. It is not located at an easily accessible place or a cafe lane but adjacent to automobile repair shops. The location isn't the best one but the cafe itself looks beautiful from inside as well as outside, so that compensates the location of the cafe. Coming to the interiors, these days almost all cafes are pretty, so what we liked the most is their seating arrangements, absolutely comfortable sofas, on both sides of the tables, the seating areas are divided with translucent glass panels. At first, we were a little not okay with the price to the quantity ratio. They handed us a cafe menu and a restaurant menu, which had multiple cuisine options, but the sizes and the number of pieces of the dishes disappointed us.

We anyways ordered a Butter chicken pizza and a Chicken malai tikka, and for dessert we ordered Red velvet pastry, hoping that they had put cream cheese frosting instead of the normal whipping cream which literally destroys the entire concept of red velvet cake.

Firstly the red in the Red velvet comes from beetroot and the cake originally is a chocolate cake, however, in most of the bakeries and cafes, they serve a vanilla cake which is coloured using red food colour. And traditionally the red velvet cake should have cream cheese frosting and not just any white cream on top. The cream here looked pale yellow and we had good hopes since the frosting coloured seemed to be that of cream cheese, and we also asked the waiter, to which he confirmed that it was cream cheese but when it arrived, the moment we dig in our spoon in the pastry we just knew that it was buttercream and not cream cheese frosting. The sponge in the pastry was dry and all in all, it wasn't the best pastry that we tried, also 150 for this pastry is just not worth it.

Coming to the Butter chicken pizza, those who follow our blogs must already know that butter chicken pizza is our staple pizza variant of pizza wherever we go. So here too, we ordered butter chicken pizza and they served us an 8-inch pizza which was honestly quite disappointing for the price of the pizza however thankfully they loaded the pizza with a generous amount of butter chicken gravy, mozzarella and about 12 to 14 chunks of tikkas. And we absolutely loved the toppings and the quality of the base which was crunchy yet soft, just the right texture and the toppings were delicious, enlarging the experience of an 8-inch pizza to a 12-inch pizza.

Coming to the Murg malai tikka, keeping aside the quantity, they made up for all that by inducing lovely flavours in the tikka. The taste of the tikkas was absolute bliss.

Overall, they made up for their less quantity by serving quality food, prices are slightly on the higher side, Red velvet pastry was disappointing. The presentations could have been much much better since the plates they used made the food look sort of roadside presentation with plastic colourful plates. It isn't the biggest concern but for bloggers and vloggers the presentation of food matters for an aesthetic click.

What Could Be Better?

All in all, it was a good experience but the quantity to price ratio is not great.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids