Call Chandan For Excellent (And Affordable) Chiks!

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What Makes It Awesome?

This recommendation is courtesy my awesome maali bhaiya, you recommended an excellent chik and bamboo guy to me.

Chandan Singh is an older and, let's say, confident chic guy, whose work is excellent! If you're looking for affordable chiks for more decorative purposes and outdoor purposes, he's your guy.

He comes to your house with a limited but efficient catalogue. I selected 2 designs- one for outdoor and the other to cover these 2 ugly windows indoor. It took him a day to get these made and get them installed! Yep, 24 hours and I had my chiks up and running at home.

He's super confident about his work, so there isn't too much oversight etc that's needed. He also is great for putting up bamboo fences if needed; I got him to add bamboo fences on my terrace.

I got 4 chiks in total, and the cost of them + his 1st visit for measurement + his 2nd visit for installation was INR 2500.

He wears a mask & is super cognizant with respect to sanitising etc. So, don't be too worried about calling him over.