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    Can't Seem To Find The Perfect Wedding Attire? Design Your Own Outfits Now On This Website

    Shinjini posted on 14 November


    PerniasPopUpShop.Com offers the unique ‘sketch to reality’ feature, so you can design and personalise anarkalis, lehngas, saris, kurta sets all according to your taste!

    Your Outfit, Your Design

    Whenever there’s a wedding in our family, don’t the girls become outfit designers? We rush to the master jis for last minute changes, requesting him to make the blouse sexier or for that matter, just to get the fit right.

    This entrepreneur-cum-designer realises how we’re particular about our outfits and offers just the perfect solution.

    A little birdie told us that to cater to all such outfit customisations, PerniasPopUpShop.Com‘s ‘sketch to reality’ feature is perfect. Whether you want a traditional, flared ghagra skirt, a straight kurta, a sharara, a trendy cape or cold shoulders, they let you work with a whole variety of templates that you can feel free to play with.

    What’s more? You can send in your reference images, an explanation for the design team to understand your requirements and, of course, your measurements. The delivery time of the outfit is three weeks but also depends on the amount of your customisation.

    Get started here.

    So, We're Saying...

    Brides and bridesmaids, technology’s making eveything possible. Now, no more shopping for the perfect outfit in the scorching heat because your dream outfit is just a click away.

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